Smolensk Gets Ready for Pesach

As the city of Smolensk in Russia gears up its Pesach preparations, a special lecture was organized by the city’s Rabbi , Levi Mondshine. The lecture, which covered many aspects of Pesach was delivered by Rabbi Yonatan Feldman, as part of the FJC’s new “Maggid Project” under the Yachad initiative.

Additionally, special food packages containing Pesach necessities are being distributed these days to hundreds of needy families and to the elderly, while final preparations are being made at the JCC for Smolensk’s largest communal seder.

During a brief visit to the city, JDC Director Mr. Alik Nadan was given a special tour of the Jewish Community Center in Smolensk “Beit Malkin”. The visit commemorates 20 years of the Jewish Distribution Committee’s activity in the city of Smolensk.

He was received by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Mondshine, who conducted a general overview of the Jewish community’s activities, particularly humanitarian aid to needy families in honor of the upcoming holiday of Pesach.

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