South Ukraine: Mishpacha Children’s Home Inaugurates New Study Building

The new ‘Ovadia House’ building, situated on Italianski Blvd., will house state-of-the-art classrooms and study facilities at the highest level, benefiting the hundreds of FJC’s Mishpacha Children’s Home and Orphanage in Odesa. The new building will also facilitate the expansion of the current dormitory and accommodate additional children seeking help.

Last week, hundreds of children, guests, community members, and dignitaries attended the festive, exciting, and historic inauguration of Mishpacha’s new study building, located at the heart of Odesa. Words of blessing were delivered by the city’s Chief Rabbi Avraham Wolff and the school’s director, Mrs. Marina Samuelovna, before the children excitedly presented the building’s keys to the administration.

The young students of the first grade were honored with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Rabbi Fishel Chichelnitzky affixed the institution’s main Mezuzah.

“The last two years have been so horrific,” says Mrs. Chaya Wolf, Co-Director of the Jewish community of Odesa and the Mishpacha orphanage, “so much pain and sorrow, and now with the war in Israel, everything has become even darker…”

“However,” she continues, “we persisted in our mission to save and comfort lives, and the Almighty sent us a ray of light: a new building generously gifted by our angel, Victoria ‘Viking’ Timafyoubna. This will enable us to significantly upgrade the lifesaving services and aid we provide to our underprivileged children.”

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