Spreading awareness about drug use and addiction

The FJC has its ear to the ground and is constantly striving to provide the communities of the former Soviet Union with the services that they need most. 

Unfortunately, the widespread use of alcohol and addiction to drugs is all too common in the FSU. The most effective and forward-thinking strategy to support and prevent these problems is spreading awareness within the school and social system staff and law enforcement professionals.  

A group of these professionals attended a workshop run by the FJC in conjunction with the ‘Bridge of Life’ foundation. The warm and friendly atmosphere encouraged professionals to share stories and ask questions. All who attended left feeling empowered and with a set of new skills that they can put to use when dealing with people in their communities who suffer from drug exposure and addiction. 

The FJC is certain that with continued education and awareness, alcohol and drug use within these communities is going to become less of a problem and the communities will be equipped with the necessary skills to help each other overcome drug issues. 

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