Summer 2019: New Building Dedicated at Moscow’s ‘Gan Israel’ Camp

In a small yet impressive event, a newly renovated building was dedicated in Camp Gan Israel of Moscow’s Istra region. Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar was honored with affixing the mezuzah to the main shul’s entrance. 

Throughout the year, the property is home to Moscow’s Yeshiva. During the summer months, the yeshiva students and staff travel to a different location, and Camp Gan Israel moves in. This is just one of the camp’s many branches throughout Moscow, which give the children a high-quality summer experience both spiritually and physically.

The main building hosts a spacious synagogue with an extensive Jewish library with books in both Hebrew as well as Russian, a contemporary well-equipped kosher kitchen, a large cafeteria, and classrooms.

The entire complex is located in Moscow’s suburbs, far from the noise and pollution of the big city. Surrounded by nature and fresh air, during the summer months, it is possible to provide and instill a Jewish education in those who do not receive a kosher education all year round.

Mr. Alexander Boroda and the sponsor, Mr. Nathan Lichtenfield were honored with the cutting of the ribbon. The event was eloquently emceed by the community’s General Director Rabbi Mordechai Weisberg, who, together with the other Rabbis, presented the sponsor with a special gift along with wishes for blessing and success. 

Photography: Levi Nazarov

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