Young Birobidzhan Jewish Leaders Receive Mayor’s Youth Award

Tsipora-Feiga Khaidukova, leader of the FJC’s Yahad Jewish youth program in Birobidzhan, and Keila Trifonova, coordinator of the local branch of the FJC’s EnerJew youth movement, were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the city’s socioeconomic development. The event, hosted by Alexander Golovaty, Mayor of Birobidzhan, took place in ‘Simkha Kosher’ restaurant on June 28. […]

Remains of 43 Holocaust Victims Laid to Rest in Volgograd

On June 23 the Jewish community of Volgograd held a funeral ceremony for Jewish civilians shot by the Nazis during the battle of Stalingrad in August 1942. Most of the victims were children, the youngest was only eight months old. The remains were exhumed about a year ago near the village of Vodino, Oktyabrsky district, […]

Covid-19: Russia’s Chief Rabbi Urges People to Get Vaccinated as New Cases Soar

Rabbi Berel Lazar has called for members of Jewish communities of Russia and other CIS countries to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as country battles new wave of infections. On Saturday, 17,906 new cases were reported in Russia, over a 30 percent rise from the previous week and a record high since February. While Levada Center […]

150 Volunteers Cleaned up Jewish Cemetery in Petersburg

A massive Sunday cleanup was held at the Jewish cemetery of Petersburg on June 6. Students and teachers of various Jewish schools and youth programs, volunteers and their families came out and helped to tidy up more than half of the graveyard. Over 30 cubic meters of debris have been removed.  Last year there was no […]

Novokuznetsk Jewish Community Receives Its First-Ever Torah Scroll

A new Torah scroll, the first ever to serve the recently established Jewish community in the south-western Siberian city of Novokuznetsk, was completed on Wednesday, June 8, at the Jewish Community Center of Moscow. The ceremony was attended by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and Mr. Gavriel Tour, the sponsor of the historic scroll. The […]

World’s First Animated Series about Jewish Culture Released in Russia

The Secret Room series combines comedy, adventure and educational elements to explore a variety of symbols and concepts from Jewish culture, history and lifestyle. The film is designed for preschool children and consists of 26 six-minute episodes performed in 3D and 2D techniques. According to the creators of the project, the Secret Room is a metaphor […]