Tension rises in Ukraine: They need our help! * Passover Campaign *

At times of crisis, the first to be harmed are always the needy and vulnerable. The rising tension, uncertainty and collapsing economy have deepened poverty for thousands of Jewish families and children in Ukraine and the rest of the FSU. 

Each of these needy families, well known to the FJC, deserves to celebrate Passover with dignity and calls out for your help more than ever before.

$36 is all it takes for us to provide a family with a Passover food parcel, that will enable them, like their brethren across the globe, to celebrate the festival with pride.

Each parcel will contain everything necessary to celebrate the Passover Seder, and will be distributed to the needy families at our hundreds of community centers.   

Please donate now at => http://fjc-fsu.org/new_fjc/passover-campaign/

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