Thank you!

On behalf of 15,000 children who receive excellent Jewish education, hundreds of thousands of Jews from more than 420 communities from all over the Former Soviet Union who enjoy flourishing Jewish life all year round, thousands of needy families and children who benefit from food, clothing, and financial aid, hundreds of orphans who now have a warm and loving home, thousands of teenagers and youngsters who now have their own youth movement and are engaged in Jewish life and activities – we want to thank you, personally, each and every one of you. Your love, support and care, now as the tax year comes to an end and all year round, are admirable.

Hundreds of caring individuals such as yourself, have chosen to take part in our joint efforts to revive Russian Jewry and grant hope to its needy. Together we will accomplish our mission.

Thank you for being yourselves and teaching us what true fellowship is all about.

Use your end of year tax dollars to create a brighter 2014 for the children of the Former Soviet Union =>

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