The 92-Year-Old Man Who Made Me Cry

Rabbi Chaim Danzinger, Chief Rabbi of Rostov in Russia, shares a recent visit of his to a 92-year-old Jewish man who made him tear up upon asking a simple question.

Lev is all alone in this world. And he hasn’t left his apartment in over 5 years as he can no longer walk down the stairs.

When he told me he had an urgent question, I assumed he needed financial support…

But I was wrong.

“I can no longer recite the full ‘Amidah’ prayer while standing,” he told me. “It’s a long prayer with many pages, and my feet can’t hold me anymore.”

“Can I recite 5 paragraphs at a time, then sit down to rest, and then get up again for the next few paragraphs?” he asked me.

That’s when I started tearing up.

This 92-year-old man prays the full prayers every day. He doesn’t look for excuses.

His feet are aching but he won’t sit down for a quick break until he asks his Rabbi if it’s acceptable.

“Lev, you are an inspiration for me and so many others!” I told him. “Each time we visit with you we come back more inspired by your beautiful faith and commitment. Don’t stop asking questions.” I told him.


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