The FSU goes all out for the Holiday of Freedom * Odessa, Ukraine

FJC Special Passover Edition – 2019

In over 110 major cities and approximately 500 villages and towns across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and seven additional countries in the former Soviet Union, the approach of Passover is creating great excitement. Preparations are underway for this major Jewish holiday celebrating freedom and liberty. A tremendous amount of Matzah and wine is being distributed to families, the elderly, the sick and lonely and to any Jew within reach. The great effort pays off when a region of the world that so recently emerged from the darkness of the Soviet Regime and is currently undergoing an economic crisis celebrates freedom and unity with joy and happiness. Please join us as we take a sneak peek at the preparations for Passover in several cities across the region.

Odessa, Ukraine

Twelve tons of matzah are being distributed in Odessa, Ukraine. That is enough matzah to fill a large truck! In the recent Jewish revival in the FSU, the community of Odessa has grown by leaps and bounds. “We will be hosting 2,300 people in 12 locations over the first and second Seder nights,” shared Mrs. Chaya Wolf, this number does not include a significant amount of private Seders taking place in various homes. The effort that goes into organizing this holiday is enormous.

Every family in the city receives a kilo of Matzah. The children from the FJC’s Children’s home and Orphanage love going to visit the elderly in their homes, bringing them matzah and wine. Teenage girls from abroad come and volunteer over Passover, helping out with all of the various programs.

The FJC’s ’Or Avner’ Jewish elementary school children have a blast visiting the Model Matzah Bakery and making their very own matzah which they enjoy eating at their model Seders. The students that attend the Jewish University take part in various Passover themed art and music activities.

There are programs and classes that teach about the Passover laws and traditions as well as young Rabbis visiting homes and helping families prepare their kitchen for Passover. The effort pays off when the community leaders are able to take a moment and look at their community gathered around them enjoying a traditional Passover Seder experience with vigor and joy.

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