‘The Light of Jerusalem’ Shines in Chernivtsi

Hundreds of guests and community members have already visited the new and exciting art exhibition currently on display by the Ukrainian Jewish community of Chernivtsi at the Vernisage Centre of Culture exhibition hall. Natalia Korobara’s ‘The Light of Jerusalem’ presents works of painting and modern graphics.

Chief Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glitzenstein and regional community leader Mr. Leonid Milman inaugurated the exhibition and congratulated the prominent and talented artist on her special achievement and her touching works of art.

“Natalia’s impressive work,” said Rabbi Glitzenstein, “is a beautiful combination of spirituality and material mastery. In the Torah portions we are currently reading, we find the same combination regarding the special vessels and tools used in the Mishkan, which in the future will also be used in the Holy Temples in Jerusalem, the theme of our exhibition.”

The exhibition will be displayed until the end of March and is expected to draw hundreds despite the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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