Their Big Day: Shabbaton Seminar Unites Young Jewish Boys and Girls in a Memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience

At the culmination of months of intense preparations, immersive learning, and inspiring encounters, over 142 boys and girls celebrated their ‘Big Day’ at a luxurious hotel. The special Shabbaton seminar, organized by EnerJew as part of the “Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project”, left an ever-lasting impact on the participants.

From the first moments of anticipation upon arrival at the seminar campus to the emotional farewells with tears of joy at the end of the event – the Bar and Bat Mitzvah boys and girls were surrounded with love, care, and personal attention to ensure that each one of them could truly experience their own personal Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration.

The dedicated and experienced EnerJew staff, FSU’s Jewish youth movement, comprising leading professionals, mentors, educators, rabbis, coordinators, and guides, worked tirelessly to transform every moment of the four-day seminar, starting on Thursday and concluding towards the end of Sunday, into an empowering and unforgettable experience.

FJC’s youth movement, EnerJew is supported year-round by the Finger Family Foundation, and the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project” is supported by the Meromim Foundation.

In addition to excellent accommodation, gourmet meals, an abundance of treats, and branded gifts, the participants enjoyed a winning combination of trips, attractions, challenges, team-building games, lectures, lessons, energizing prayers, and much more, all earned through their hard work and dedication.

After a year filled with twelve enriching study and preparation sessions, the young participants were rewarded with a unique Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience to remember.

The preparation sessions presented the youth with the foundational values of the Jewish people in an interactive and engaging manner, along with a dynamic study of the customs and traditions surrounding the Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

The seminar was attended by 142 teenagers from more than thirty different cities across Russia, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. The outstanding students, among dozens more, who successfully completed tasks and attended at least eight out of all the sessions, were rewarded with the opportunity to participate.

A special activity took place within the premises of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center of Moscow. An exciting quest-style challenge that encouraged the young participants to explore every corner of the museum, delving into the depths of the presented content, while searching for clues and symbols that would lead them to complete the challenge.

In addition to lessons and lectures delivered by EnerJew rabbis and mentors, the young participants also had the privilege of listening to the fascinating words of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar.

The special seminar ended with a general Bar and Bat Mitzvah party, at the Marina Roscha Synagogue in central Moscow. The event combined singing and dancing, electrifying acrobatic shows, special speeches, guests of honor, an awards ceremony, and a personal gift to each boy and girl who went above and beyond to arrive prepared for their big day: beautiful tefillin and silver candlesticks, a souvenir for life.

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