Three in one day: ‘Darkeinu’ directors deliver regional seminars

Serving Ukraine’s large 350 thousand Jewish population, FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ network of Jewish educational institutes combines excellent general studies and a contemporary Jewish studies curriculum named ‘Darkeinu’. The ‘Darkeinu’ Jewish heritage-learning program provides Jewish heritage teachers with extensive materials from first to eleventh grade.

Following the successful ‘Olympics’ quiz that took place in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,  Darkeinu’s directors conducted three regional seminars for teachers using the learning program. The seminars took place in Odessa, South Ukraine, Zhitomir, West Ukraine and Dnepropetrovsk, which hosted teachers from East Ukraine.

The one-day seminar included sample classes, discussions and brain storming sessions, preparations for the upcoming festival of Passover and addressed unique educational and pedagogical issues.

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