Today: Russia’s Jewish Students Embark on Week-Long Cruise to Turkey

After a year of diligent study on a weekly basis, more than 550 Jewish students and young professionals from across Russia are being treated by FJC’s YAHAD organization to a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, a week-long cruise on a luxury ship, departing tonight from the tourist Olympic city of Sochi to the shores of Turkey and back.

The special trip, taking place in the framework of YAHAD’s annual EUROSTARS trip and study program, will be the first-ever cruise after all previous trips visited the most tortured sites and attractions in Europe.

After departing tonight from Sochi, the cruise will make a few stopovers on the way to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. A special stop will be made at Sinop for a Shabbat weekend expected to be one of the trip’s most outstanding highlights.

“We are looking forward to an expedition experience,” says YAHAD director, Rabbi Mendy Wilansky. “The upcoming week will be packed with spiritual, social, and amusing attractions and events. However, the most important thing is the amazing harmony between so many hundreds of young Jewish individuals who will unite for a week of pure Jewish pride and unity.”

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