Tu Bishvat Celebrations in the FSU: A Symbol of Renewal and Unity

Thousands of Jewish community members from all walks of life and ages attended the varied Tu Bishvat celebrations taking place last week across the entire Former Soviet Union. The New Year for Trees holds special significance for FSU Jewry, symbolizing their unique connection to Jewish identity and the land of Israel.

In the FSU, where Jewish communities have experienced a miraculous revival since the fall of the Iron Curtain, thanks to the intensive work of FJC’s representatives, Tu Bishvat was celebrated with community gatherings, activities, and classes.

In the FJC’s educational network of ‘Or Avner’ schools and kindergartens, as well as in informal educational projects such as JFuture and SmartJ, special educational programs aimed at teaching children about the cultural and spiritual importance of Tu Bishvat took place. These programs connect them to their Jewish heritage, fostering a sense of pride and identity.

The celebration events, taking place throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and many other FSU countries, included tasting fruits and wines, musical performances, motivational speakers, dancing, and many uplifting moments of joy and tranquility.

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