Ukraine: A Happy Chanukah Thanks to Schmerling Chocolate

Thanks to the legendary ‘Schmerling Chocolate’ of Switzerland, thousands of Ukrainian children will have a great reason to smile this upcoming Chanukah.

Nearly 2,000 pounds of chocolate were donated to JRNU, FJC’s relief network across Ukraine,  and will be used to create special holiday packages; other donated items such as strawberry-filled cupcakes and peanut butter cups will be included as well.

For many children there is little to smile about this year–they have been in the cold and dark with limited power and internet, separated from family and loved ones–lots of children even lost their homes.

This Chanukah, the tradition of giving tzedakah (charity) has new meaning for all of us; we are doing what we can to show the children of Ukraine they are not forgotten.

To save Ukraine Jewry – click here. 

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