Ukraine: Ambulance Fleet Established to Evacuate the Frail, Sick, and Handicapped

A joint lifesaving venture, aimed at saving the lives of as many frail, sick and handicapped individuals as possible from across Ukraine, by evacuating them to safety, has recently been established and has already managed to rescue dozens of patients in danger.

The joint venture is led by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, prominent members of the Jewish community of Kryvyi Rih and its Chief Rabbi Liron Edri, the TZEDEK Association, and the Association for the development of Jewish communities in Ukraine.

The fleet consists of ten state-of-the-art brand new ambulances, equipped with modern and updated medical equipment required for making the long journey to remote areas in the country and to neighboring countries abroad. The initiative operates a hotline that receives urgent calls from the needy individuals, their families, or friends and sends over the most suitable ambulance and equipment to evacuate them.

Some of the evacuation operations are as far as Eastern Ukraine to Lviv and even beyond, up to the border with Moldova. Others are from South or Central Ukraine to quieter areas in the West, or even to the borders of countries such as Romania.

The complex logistics involved in such emergency operations includes coordination with the medical teams waiting at the border to receive the patients and help them cross out of Ukraine, and with varied organizations that treat and assist the refugees in the next stages. These include ZAKA, Jewish communities in Germany, the Corridor Association, Mr. Nekita Shafran, and others.

“We are grateful and honored,” says Rabbi Liron Edri, to thank the special, loving, and caring individuals and Foundations that have generously donated the ambulances. Thanks to your dedication, lives are being saved daily. Special thanks is due to Rabbi Moshe Morgenstern from the Tzedek Association, which is also funding a substantial part of the operating costs. Great thanks are also due to Mr. Vadim Natan Shulman from the Kryvyi Rih community, and the Syrian community in Manhattan. They have all taught us the meaning of genuine care and leadership.”

The project is operated by Mr. Ittay Ichobreknko and Ms. Chaya Mushka Edri.

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