Ukraine-Germany: Jewish University Continues to Operate Despite Crisis

Despite the ongoing and life-endangering crisis, the Jewish University of Odesa continues to provide excellent academic studies, via the internet, to dozens of refugee students residing in Berlin, together with the many who remain in Odesa.

The classes and study topics include criminal and civil law, foreign languages, philosophy, finance and economics, high tech and cyber protection, Jewish studies, and additional sub-topics.

“We hope and believe,” says Mrs. Chaya Wolff, the CEO of the Odesa Jewish community and institutions, “that we will be able to finish the academic year safely and successfully and that our students will succeed and excel in their studies.”

“I would like to extend our appreciation,” says one of the students on behalf of his fellow students, “for the great efforts invested so that we can continue studying even under these challenging and difficult circumstances. We could have easily lost a few years of study, or even dropped out, if not for the care and devotion of the Jewish community and the support of the JRNU and Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) along with additional donors. Thank you!”

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