Ukraine: Jewish Education Distributes Hundreds of Tablets to Needy Children

Across Ukraine, FJC’s Jewish educational institution and frameworks continue to operate online due to the coronavirus epidemic while making sure that their less fortunate students can also participate. With high attendance and satisfaction rates, FJC’s educational networks aim to enable every single Jewish child to join online studies and make the best of the situation.

In order to achieve this goal, nearly 300 new tablets have recently been distributed, free-of-charge, to Jewish children from needy families from 16 cities so they can participate in the online studies. Many of these are single-mother families chronically suffering from poverty, even before the outbreak of the virus.

Both parents and the educational staff are delighted with the initiative, pointing out how much it helps the families to retain a sense of sanity in the current situation, and enables the children to continue to grow and retain their social connections.

A mother from Mariupol in Easter Ukraine wrote, “My words of appreciation will be incomplete if I do not briefly talk about our situation. I have three children. In addition to V. and N., I have another child who is bedridden since childhood. A couple of years ago, my husband died of a serious illness. I was left alone with many problems. Last year I had to look after my paralyzed father, but eventually he passed away.”

“My children,” she continues, “have suffered a lot. Their joy was very limited during these years. You can only imagine how excited my children were – when they received brand new working tablets! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude… Believe me! I am crying from the depth of my heart. My feelings are overwhelming me.”

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