United Jewish Chernivtsi Announces Historic ‘Ghetto Czernowitz’ Project

In early October 1941, under Pro-German Romania, a Jewish ghetto was established in the lowland part of Chernivtsi. 50,000 Bukovina Jews were crammed into the ghetto that was used as a starting point for the deportation of the Jewish population to the death camps in Transnistria. Two-thirds of which were deported in October 1941 and early 1942 to Transnistria, where the majority perished.

In order to convey full information about the history of the creation of the ghetto, the fate of its inhabitants and their lives, and the events that took place in the ghetto and are associated with it, the ‘Ghetto Czernowitz’ Project was initiated by the ‘Jewish Heritage of Bukovina’ NGO, the Jewish Religious Community of Bukovina and Main Synagogue of Bukovina named after Israel and Zelda Maiberg and headed by Chief Rabbi Menachem Glitzenstein, and the Chernivtsi Regional Jewish Community.

The ‘Ghetto Czernowitz’ Project aims to create a single systematic information resource ‘Ghetto Czernowitz’, which will contain information about the history of the establishment of the ghetto, a specially created interactive map of the ghetto, photo and video materials about the ghetto, memories of ghetto victims, scientific and documentary publications about the ghetto in Chernivtsi, as well as information about them.

The creation of an interactive map of the Chernivtsi ghetto will provide an opportunity to see its boundaries in the city as it is today. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to mark the boundaries of the ghetto by installing, in accessible places, black floor slabs with a yellow Star of David, as well as a QR code, on them.

By scanning the QR code, anyone will be able to access an interactive map of the ghetto and the ‘Ghetto Czernowitz’ information resource, as well as obtain information about the slab location on the map and information about the location of the nearest slab and other slabs.

The project is planned to also include a number of scientific and educational events and an interactive information board in the center of the area where the ghetto was located.

To visit the project’s internet click here.

The Jewish community has set up a commemorative project that helps them in a variety of ways to commemorate their loved ones and discover information about them. You can contact the community at the following email: ‏‪jewishczernowitz@gmail.com


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