Update: FJC Rabbi was shot by Muslim terrorist

Derbent, Russia: Dagestan’s government has declared that the shooting of Rabbi Ovadia Isakkov – the FJC’s representative to Derbent – was performed by a member of one of the most extreme Islamic terrorist groups in the Chechnya-Caucasus area.

The information was delivered to Rabbi Ahron Gurevitch – the FJC’s military chaplain – in a special meeting with the president of the Dagestan district of Russia, Mr. Megomdov, which promised to do everything possible to capture the terrorist and insure the continuation of Jewish life in the district.

Rabbi Isakkov was flown to Israel in a private plain sponsored by the FJC’s president, Mr. Lev Leviev, and hospitalized in critical condition in the Beilinson hospital in Petach Tikva.

Please continue praying for his recovery. Rabbi Isakkov is a proud father of four children and heads the Jewish community of Derbent.


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