Will they have Matzah for Passover?

The harsh reality is that in Ukraine, Russia and additional countries across the FSU, the lives of tens of thousands of Jewish families continue to be tragically affected by the war raging in Eastern Ukraine.

The sharp collapse of the economy and rise of inflation, none of it their fault, has left the needy needier, struggling to survive. Many have lost their jobs; many have lost their dignity and pride.

As Passover draws closer, we must remember our brethren in need – put aside a little our own personal comfort – and take practical action to better their lives. 

The FJC continues its efforts to provide them with food to sustain them, clothes to keep them warm and a roof over their heads.  However, as time goes by, and the need grows rapidly – your partnership becomes essential.

Only together can we make sure that every needy Jewish family celebrates Passover.

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