Winter Seminar reveals ‘The Meaning of Life’

Over 100 Jews from the entire region joined the four day ‘Grand Winter Resort’ that took place in Tolyatti, Russia. The freezing weather didn’t deter this excited crowd who yearned for more.

The Seminar that included a long weekend and Shabbaton took place in the new hotel facilities in Tolyatti, based in the new Jewish Community Center of Tolyatti – headed by Rabbi Meir Fischer. The theme of the Seminar was: “The Meaning of Life”, and began with ice breaker games to get everyone into the right mood.

In the next few days, special lectures from Rabbi Moishe Bainush an educator from Moscow and the well-known scholar and Kabblist Rabbi Dov Ber Baitman from Ukraine, were a great success. Swimming, aerobics, gymnastics and additional activities, were also part of the schedule.

At the conclusion of Shabbat, a grand banquet and concert with karaoke and a disco alongside a Chassidic gathering took place, continuing well into the night.

The “Great Winter Retreat” was made possible by a generous grant from the Joods Humanitarian fund, fund “Stmegi” and our local board of trustees. [nggallery id=198]

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