YAHAD Announces New Exciting Location for EUOSTARS 2024

Building up towards EUROSTARS upcoming learning and traveling season of activity, YAHAD has launched a special campaign aimed at stimulating thousands of Jewish students and young professionals from across Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and additional FSU countries, to join the exclusive Jewish studies program and enjoy a stunning and unique trip to the newly chosen destination: South Africa.

“Throughout the years,” says Rabbi Mendy Wilansky, director of YAHAD, “we have witnessed how thousands of Jewish youngsters attending the study program found a deep, inspiring, and genuine connection to their roots and heritage after engaging in the program’s sessions and unique activities. As a token of appreciation for their great efforts, we treat them to an annual journey abroad. This year, our chosen destination is South Africa – a fascinating location, packed with exotic tourist attractions as well as historical Jewish sites and extraordinary Jewish life and communities.”

The Jewish youngsters and young professionals, both men and women between the ages of 18-28, attend weekly study sessions created by an experienced staff of scholars and designed to enrich and empower the participants’ values, ideals, and self-motivation. Participants attending a preset number of sessions are invited to attend the highly sought-after annual trip.

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