All-Ukrainian Jewish Community Forum in Dnepro

Six hundred Jewish leaders, including community leaders and active members, educators and rabbis from across Ukraine gathered last week in Dnepro, Ukraine for an unprecedented Forum of Ukrainian Jewish Communities.

The event celebrated the revival of Jewish life in the country, providing inspirational lectures, workshops, and bonding in a festive atmosphere of brotherhood and unity throughout the event.

This was one of the most powerful all-Ukrainian Jewish community forums since Jewish life began its revival in the country over twenty years ago. 

The full-day event was hosted by the Dnepro’s Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky and took place at the city’s grand Menorah Center. It was organized by FJC of Ukraine headed by Rabbi Meyer Stambler, Rabbi Moishe Weber of Kollel Torah and Rabbi Dan Makagon of STL, with the help of other community rabbis.

Among attending guests were renowned lecturer Rabbi Alex Pruchansky, editor-in-chief of Lechaim magazine Rabbi Boruch Gorin and many more. A video of Mr. Yuli Edelshtein, the speaker of the Israeli Knesset was presented.  

Besides the lectures and activities at the Menorah Center, participants also toured the Dnepro Holocaust memorial – the 3rd largest memorial complex in the world – and attended an expo highlighting the scope of Jewish activity in the country.

Throughout the day, the event was broadcast live on social media, for all those that couldn’t travel to Dnepro to take part. It was also widely covered in the local media.

The inspiring day dedicated in honor of 70 years to the leadership of the Ukrainian born Lubavitcher Rebbe, ended with a gala banquet, complete with a roll call of the rabbis active in Ukraine, and with much joy and excitement.

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