Annual ‘Ladies STARS’ Seminar Imparts Jewish Ideals

More than 30 young Jewish women from across Ukraine participated in the unique ‘Ladies’ week-long seminar that took place during December in the Kohavi Forest Club on the outskirts of Dnipro. The participants enjoyed lectures and classes from leading rabbis and educators, and a rare opportunity to become deeply acquainted with Jewish thought and ideals in contemporary language and an exciting setting.

The annual ‘Ladies STARS’ seminar for young Jewish women aged 18-28 took place during December 2021, in a comfortable Jewish-owned country hotel near the city of Dnipro known as the Kohavi Forest Club. More than 30 participants gathered to experience the special seminar that was dedicated this year to the theme of Jewish Food.

The seminar was conducted by STARS Ukraine headed by Rabbi Pinchas Wisheski, under the auspicious of FJC’s YAHAD organization directed by Rabbi Mendy Wilansky and led by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar.

‘Ladies STARS’ invites the young ladies to spend an entire week immersed in their Jewish heritage and to experience first-hand what it’s like to be a ‘Jewish Lady’. The seminar gives its participants an opportunity to dive into the world of Jewish learning with fascinating sessions with famous lecturers and educators, culinary masterclasses from leading chefs, and meetings with peers and friends from all over the country.

“For me, to take part in this event as a lecturer, was an unforgettable experience,” said Rabbi Velvel Belinsky, Rabbi of the Ariel Jewish Center in Baltimore, MD. Adina Seldin, a first-time participant, added: “For me, this seminar was an amazing discovery. This is probably the first time I preferred learning to just hanging out…“

Rivka Nemoy, a family relationships specialist, explained: “The entire atmosphere during the seminars is saturated with heritage and tradition, and let’s young women genuinely touch the world of Judaism and Jewish teachings. They also receive an opportunity to conduct an open dialogue and discussion with the rabbis, which is very valuable for their future as proud and committed Jews.”

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