Baku celebrates 10th Anniversary

The ‘Or Avner’ educational complex in Baku, Azerbaijan marks this September ten years since its historical founding in 2002. Ten years later, the complex now includes thriving Kindergartens, Primary and High schools, Sunday and afternoon school and a wide range of informal activities with over 250 pupils.

The Jewish communities of Azerbaijan, famous for the excellent treatment they receive from the local government, live in peace amongst the native people most of whom are Muslims.

Just over ten years ago, thanks to the great efforts of the FJC’s leadership and its president Mr. Lev Leviev, the educational complex was established. At first in temporary buildings, up to two years ago when a fabulous permanent complex was opened in a special ceremony attended by Azerbaijan’s president Mr. Aliyev.

The 10th anniversary was celebrated with the ‘First bell’ ceremony, traditionally replaced by the Jewish Shofar, and a musical performance. Many dignitaries attended the ceremony.

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