Batumi: Israeli Minister of Culture Impressed by Local Jewish Summer Camp

The Jewish community and Chabad House of Batumi, Georgia, led by Rabbi Ze’ev Mendelzon, was excited to host Mr. Miki Zohar, the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, who was delighted to meet the children of the local community as they attend FJC’s ‘Gan Israel’ summer camp.

Throughout the entire year and especially during the tourism seasons, Chabad of Batumi conducts extensive activities, attracting tens of thousands of Jewish tourists arriving at the city, which is well-known as a sought-after destination.

The many Jewish and Israeli visitors enjoy the upscale kosher restaurant services provided by the chief Chabad emissary to Georgia, Rabbi Meir Kozlovsky.

In addition to the tourists, Chabad also organizes activities for the local community, which has been present in the city for hundreds of years. Currently, the “Gan Israel” summer camp is taking place, providing the children with basic Jewish concepts and giving them a deep connection to their heritage and nation.

Minister Zohar, who visited along with Israeli Ambassador Hadass Miztad, was thrilled to meet the children of the local community who were reciting “Shema Yisrael.” He also greeted the Israeli tourists he encountered during his visit.

Chabad emissary and the city’s rabbi, Ze’ev Mendelzon, thanked the minister for his visit, emphasizing that it strengthens the sense of belonging to the Jewish people among the local Jews.

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