Beit Chana Institute Welcomes New Students

A new studies semester is underway at Ukraine’s Jewish Pedagogical Institute “Beit Chana.” Just last week the group of distance-learning students joined the rest of their peers in the fall semester. The Beit Chana Institute prepares some of the top educational professionals in Ukraine, who go on to teach in Jewish schools and kindergartens.

“We present Ukrainian Jewish youth with an opportunity to receive high-standard advanced education that is certified nationally and worldwide, while also developing as people, focusing on personal growth based on Jewish heritage and values, “ says FJC of Ukraine and Beit Chana president, Rabbi Meir Stambler on the Institute’s website.

Besides education, the Beit Chana Institute also offers degrees in economics and psychology. All of the diplomas are recognized internationally and approved by Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Established in 1995 by the FJC of Ukraine and the Or Avner educational fund, Beit Chana quickly became one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the country. As of today, it has almost 1,000 graduates who work in 127 Jewish institutions in 67 cities across the FSU, Israel, Europe, North America and Australia.


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