Bobruisk, Mariupol & Other Cities commemorate 75 years since the Holocaust

The Jewish community in Bobruisk, Belarus commemorated 75 years since the extermination of Bobruisk ghetto during the Holocaust in three days of memorial events that concluded Sunday. About 14,000 Bobruisk Jews were killed during those horrific days of the war, erasing forever the lively Jewish flare of the city.
Over 2,000 community members and guests participated in the memorial events, which included a ceremony at the Bobruisk ghetto memorial, several evening programs, special performances for the youth and a visit to the ‘Righteous of the world’ memorial in Kamenka.
“It’s important to remember, to educate young generations about these tragic events, to connect them to the eldest members of our communities, who can still give eye-witness accounts. Never again – these are just words, unless we connect them to our senses,” said Shaul Hababo, chief rabbi of Bobruisk.
City and government officials also participated in memorial events, along with 9 ambassadors from European Union countries, Ukraine and Israel.
The Bobruisk ceremony was one of many taking place in Jewish communities this year. Hundred of communities throughout Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania remember the victims of Nazi atrocities and commemorate 75 years since the tragedy of the Holocaust.
From Babiy Yar and Mariupol in Ukraine, to Zmeyevka near Rostov, Russia and many smaller sites in-between, communities and their rabbis as well as city and government officials come together for memorial ceremonies, evenings of support and connection. “All nations grief together with you and will always support you in your good deeds,” said head of Mariupol city administration in a memorial ceremony in that city yesterday.

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