Darkeinu’s Mega-Chanukah Connects FSU Jewish Kids

Over 1,000 responses from 35 cities across the FSU were sent to Darkeinu’s Chanukah trivia contest last month and over two dozen winners were picked.

FJC’s Darkeinu educational curriculum ran an internet trivia contest called Mega Chanukah last month, poised to motivate Jewish school students to read and find out more about the holiday. In the process, the contest also provides a network that lets Jewish students in the FSU connect with their peers.

“Contests and programs like these let FSU Jewish youth feel themselves a part of one big family that transcends borders – the family of the future of Jewish people,” said Daniel Gordon, FJC’s outreach activities coordinator.

The answers and winning pictures were posted on the site created especially for the contest and on social media. Valuable prizes were awarded throughout the holiday’s eight days to those, who best answered questions posted on the contest’s site and also sent the best holiday pictures.

Young Natan Rahmanov from Rostov won the contest’s mega-prize – virtual reality glasses. “This picture transmits the special holiday atmosphere, the joy of Chanukah miracle, and also the candles are lit correctly,” said Darkeinu jury in their comment on the winning picture. Among other winners were children from Odessa, Tallinn, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Baku and more. 

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