Emergency Relief Aid Efforts Continue in Shocked Vinnytsia

Following the emergency crisis unraveling in the West Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, a rescue team has been assembled to make sure every Jewish family and individual in the region has the appropriate means to overcome the tragedy that has left the city’s citizens in trauma.

The team, headed by the city’s Chief Rabbi Shaul Horowitz and backed by the FJC’s humanitarian service agencies on the ground, JRNU, LifeChanger, and Taste of Life, has invested enormous efforts to quickly locate and evaluate each family and individual and provide them with the emergency response they desperately need.

Broken windows, ruined yards, lack of essentials, water and food, traumatized parents and children, wounded and sick civilians without treatment and medicine, and other challenges and hardships – are part of the situations the FJC’s team has encountered and immediately responded to, providing individually tailored aid to each person and situation.

“What happened was the last thing the city’s residents and the Jewish community expected,” says Rabbi Shaul Horowitz. “We felt safe, and far from danger. Of course, everybody was concerned and tense but still was unprepared for such a tragedy. Now, we are continuing to do everything possible to make sure that no Jew feels isolated and alone.”

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