EnerJew Ambassadors Visit Europe

In yet another creative initiative, the EnerJew youth movement is developing a way to keep the project’s enthusiasm pumping even through the summer, when club members are on a break.

‘EnerJew Ambassadors’ is a pilot program that takes the most active club members in every city on a short but busy trip to Europe, where they tour historic sites of  European Jewish heritage. Upon return, the activists, or now, the ‘ambassadors’ will share the drive and knowledge gained on the trip with their peers, creating excitement for the new year of EnerJew activities starting in the fall.

“This trip is a seminar that combines very active learning with self-development. Every participant gets a personal goal to achieve by the end of summer,” said Aisek Rosenfeld, rabbi of EnerJew Moscow – the first group to go on the Ambassador trip. The 25 Moscow teenagers together with club coordinators are visiting Prague, Vienna and Munchen.

In Prague yesterday, the group visited the historic city synagogue built in the 13th century. “It was hard to believe we were standing in a place where seven generations of Jews have prayed before us,” said Yulia Kramnik, one of the participants. “It’s an incredible feeling,” she said.

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