EnerJew Runs Chanukah Fundraiser; Steps Up Community Involvement

This Chanukah, FJC’s youth programs are running events that place a special emphasis on volunteering and community involvement. The region’s Jewish youth movement EnerJew has partnered up with human services project LifeChanger FSU in running a fundraising campaign for the project’s neediest children. This is the second year the cooperation takes place – last year the funds collected – close to $7,000 – were donated for Sophia, from Nikolayev, Ukraine to help finance necessary medication and educational resources. 

This year the movement’s members once again come together to raise funds for 5-year old Ilya from Vinnitza, who needs urgent medical help. For every EnerJew member, who posts a picture of themselves with Chanukah candles a dollar is donated for charity that goes straight to LifeChanger FSU’s lifesaving  programs.

“It may seem like a small step to take, but every member has to assume personal responsibility and show that they care, which is what Chanukah, as the festival of lights, is all about,” said Konstantin Shulman, EnerJew director. 

Over the first two days of the holiday 2017 pictures with campaign’s hashtags have been posted, translating into valuable support for Ilya’s surgery and rehabilitation programs. 

As for raising community involvement, EnerJew’s youth clubs are also organizing celebrations and motivating local Jewry to get more involved in the activities. In many communities senior citizens and families in need are receiving food packages  delivered, assembled and even prepared by the young Jewish leaders.

“This year we see a special focus on volunteering and local initiatives in the communities, which fills us with pride that a generation of responsible and proud young Jews is growing up in the former Soviet Union region, claiming back their Jewish heritage and identity from oblivion and denial of the past century,” said Mr. Daniel Gordon, FJC’s outreach programs coordinator.

More information, at EnerJew’s site: https://enerjew.org/hanukkah-5779/

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