Feeling the Revival

Over 300,000 people are estimated to have attended FJC’s 520 synagogue services and festive holiday meals across the FSU.  Regardless of different religious levels during the year, synagogue attendance during Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot triples.

During these significant High Holidays Jews feel a part of something bigger than themselves, a part of great nation with a long history  – and they all come together.

FJC’s facilities were ready for the influx with hundreds of holiday communal meals, care packages, and clothing parcels.  Special speakers and young rabbis were brought in to provide insight and instruction about the holidays making the services that much more meaningful.   

Congregants left to start the New Year with a clean slate, open to possibilities, infused with words of wisdom, and sharing a sense of communal belonging. The Sukkot holiday festivities were filled with special learning programs, sukkah happenings and special youth and teen programs. The final holiday of Simchat Torah was energy filled with lively dancing and learning programs for all ages.



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