From Zhytomyr to Hebron: Refugee Orphans Visit the Cave of the Patriarchs

The Children of the Jewish ‘Alumim’ orphanage and children’s home in the West Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr, currently residing in Israel along with many of their community members, last week visited the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. There, they prayed for global peace and redemption at the resting place of the nation’s Fathers and Mothers.

A special experience awaited the refugee children of the Jewish ‘Alumim’ orphanage and children’s home last week, as they boarded the buses that drove them – together with their devoted staff and additional community members – to visit the foundations of the Jewish nation in the biblical city of Hebron.

They enjoyed a guided tour in Russian of all Hebron’s historic sites, including the Cave of the Patriarchs, the tomb of the famous Rebbitzin Menucha Rachel, Beit Hadassah, and the local Jewish museum.

“It was a very exciting, interesting, and especially an emotional experience for all of us,” says Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm, the Chief Rabbi of Zhytomyr and Western Ukraine. “For the children to see the place where it all started with their own eyes – was a touching and everlasting experience. The local Jewish community was very welcoming, and made sure the children enjoyed every moment.”

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