FSU Jewry prepares for original Lag B’omer celebrations

Coming next week is the festival of Lag B’omer, traditionally celebrated across the globe with bonfires, joyous dancing and colorful children’s parades. Usually, thousands march through the city centers in a display of Jewish unity and pride. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union are coming up with new, creative and original ideas so that families can celebrate from the comfort of their own homes. 

Many of FSU’s Jewish communities, educational institutions, informal educational networks, and humanitarian services, will be uniting for online events, broadcasting live performances by leading singers, comedians and other celebrities. The events will include live footage from a central bonfire, specially permitted by the local authorities, and a live interactive rally in which the children can participate while watching from their homes. The participants will also enjoy a giant lottery with many prizes, and drum and flash shows. 

In addition, special Lag B’omer kits will be delivered to the doorsteps of Jewish families with children containing arts and crafts, a story booklet, original board games, kosher candy and more. The combination of the online parade and the kits, will enable tens of thousands of children to celebrate while staying at home for their safety. 

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