FSU’s Purim Festivities Take to the Streets and the Internet

Ahead of the holiday of Purim later this week, FJC’s youth and educational programs throughout the FSU are actively working to raise the visibility of the holiday in the region, getting the Jewish population involved and connecting between communities.

FJC’s Darkeinu educational curriculum is running one of its Mega campaigns for children. MegaPurim is a picture and trivia contest open to those under 18. Throughout the week children can send pictures of themselves in costumes themed “upside down” and also answer trivia questions about the holiday on the contest’s site to win prizes.

Another picture contest is being run by the EnerJew youth movement. Here, teenagers are asked to tell a pictorial story that would capture the holiday spirit, the four commandments of the day and originality. Winners will also receive prizes after the holiday.

“Its very important for our youth to feel themselves a part of a large community of peers, to see their connection to the larger picture of our entire people. Contests like these help them see that they are not alone and raise their pride and confidence as well as interest and participation,” said Mrs. Sarah Vernik, Darkeinu’s informal education coordinator.

Besides the internet contests there are hundreds of costume shows, Purim plays, parades and festivities taking place in FJC’s Or Avner schools, community centers, women’s clubs, and more. Megilah readings and holiday melas will be held in community centers on Thursday and Wednesday evening,  accompanied by symbolic Purim parcels with treats.

“Purim celebrates the concealed, hidden miracle of our existence that turns the reality “upside down”, and what better example of a such a miracle than the Jewish revival in the former Soviet Union, a country that claimed to have done away with religion in general and Jewish tradition in particular. We are happy to partake in this joy,” said Mr. Daniel Gordon, FJC’s outreach coordinator.


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