Hanukkah 2015: Jewish Festival of Lights begins in Ukraine’s port city of Odesa

UT Ukraine Today

Millions of Jews around the world have begun celebrating the start of Hanukkah, also known as the ‘festival of lights’. In Ukraine’s port city of Odessa, a six meter menorah has been lit on what was the first night of the eight-day holiday. Each night another light is added, bringing light to the darkest time of the year.

Boleslav Kapulkin, Press Secretary of Odessa’s Jewish community: “We need to tell as many people as possible about the miracle which happened then. Usually menorahs are placed in city centres to remind people that God exists and miracles are possible.”

The holiday has different meanings for different people. But for many it celebrates the miracle of light, where a Temple’s candelabrum burned for eight days even though there was only one day’s worth of oil.

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