Jewish baby born to injured mother in Ukraine finds sanctuary in Odessa Jewish children’s home

Mishpacha Orphanage head Rabbi Avraham Wolff says it is a very challenging case of a mother injured both physically and emotionally, who asked them asked to care for her daughter

Based on an article by Itamar Eichner |

Many touching moments have unfolded at the Mishpacha Orphanage in Odessa since the conflict began a year and a half ago, but the entire staff was deeply moved last week when two-week-old Sarah came to live there. Baby Sarah was born to a Jewish mother from the beseiged Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. However, the baby was sent to the children’s orphanage in Odessa, because her mother, who was injured in the conflict, is unable to care for her on her own.

“We received the request from Chabad emissaries in the city of Zaporizhia, Rabbi Nahum Arntroy and his wife, Dina,” says Rabbi Avraham Wolff, who manages the children’s orphanage along with his wife, Chaya. “This is a very challenging case of a mother who has suffered both physically and emotionally and asked us to care for her daughter.”

Sarah arrives at the Mishpacha Orphanage
This is the sixth infant transferred to the Mishpacha Orphanage since the outbreak of the crisis. “The children and the staff warmly welcomed Sarah,” adds Rabbi Wolff. “Sarah is joining our extended family, and with the help of G-d we will provide her with warmth and love just like we do for the other children.”

Sarah was warmly welcomed at the orphanage
“We have experienced many upheavals since the outbreak of the conflict,” adds Igor Shadkin, head of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Southern Ukraine. “We wandered to Berlin, returned to Odessa and, yet, we are doing everything we can to continue welcoming Jewish children – orphans and those whose parents cannot raise them. We strive to provide them with a warm and loving home, a safe place for their bodies and souls.”

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