Kharkiv: New Luxury Mikvah Nearing Completion

More than 30 years since the last Mikvah was built, the city’s Jewish community united to build a new, modern, beautifully designed, and fully accessible Mikvah for the ever-growing number of young families in the city and region.

After coming to the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1990, with the mission of reviving Judaism after its destruction by the Communist regime, Rabbi Moshe and Mrs. Miriam Moskovitz discovered that the closest functioning Mikvah was located in Moscow, a 12 hour-train-ride away. They soon embarked on a mission to establish a local Mikvah aimed at serving the community.

After investing many efforts, they managed to build a new Mikvah on the basement floor of the city’s ancient Grand Choral Synagogue in Pushkinskaya Street (established in 1913). Thirty years have gone by, and the facility has become old, somewhat worn, and out of fashion.

United as one, the members of the Jewish community decided that it was time to build a new, state-of-the-art Mikvah in a new building adjacent to the Synagogue. The new attractively designed facility, nearing completion, will include two preparation rooms, a large immersing pool, and a lobby, and is planned to open during the upcoming month of August.

After its completion and festive inauguration, the community plans to renovate the old Mikvah and reopen it for the community’s men, for daily service, and for use on the eve of Shabbat and festivals.

To partner with the community in establishing the new Mikvah, please click here.

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