Lag Baomer in Kharkov – Despite all odds

Kharkov, Ukraine – Hundreds joined in a celebration of unity and pride in honor of Lag Baomer, with a bigger crowd than ever before despite the political uncertainty in the country.The parade began on the Belgorodskiy Highway where the Mayor Of Kharkov Gennadiy Kernes was shot just three weeks earlier.
Thousands of people watched in amazement as the proud parade marched through the local main park with signs of the unity and Jewish pride .
Rabbi Moishe Moskovitz, the city’s rabbi, reminded the crowd of the best way to fight the difficult times now in the country – by adding in kindness and doing good deeds. Alexander Feldman , the president of the Jewish community , lit the festive bonfire and was honored that Lag Baomer was taking place in his park.
A group of clowns and jumping castles kept the children busy , and tigers,monkeys and small animals roamed through the crowds! 

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