Lemonade or dirty water?

Lemonade or dirty water? Bunk beds or a sewage tunnel? Hot food or a garbage can?

Most of us have amazing memories of our summer vacations… Sprinklers, sand castles, ice cream, lemonade, etc.

However, as our school year closes, our children become more and more tense and nervous about returning to their families. Most of our students come from severely impoverished single parent / grandparent only families and have very unstable home environments. They typically return home only a few times during the year as most live outside the city in small villages.

The FJC runs 45 summer camps in 15 countries where we have community centers. Our summer camps are just another way we try to keep our children in a warm and healthy environment, with three meals a da lots of Jewish learning, physical activities, and educational enrichment. Each year we pick a Jewish value as a theme for the summer and as soon as we choose this summer’s, we’ll let you know!

Last year we were able to support day camp and sleep away camp for 3,250 children. With your financial support, we hope to expand by an additional 30% this year.

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