Mega Purim Unites FSU Jewry

In time for the Purim holiday, FJC’s Darkeinu & EnerJew projects together with the LifeChanger FSU and Taste of Life projects, are running an educational contest for FSU’s Jewish children and youth that also promotes holiday presents for the region’s disadvantaged Jewish families.

The Mega Purim contest is made up of two parts: daily quiz questions for a week before Purim, where every ten right answers become a ‘Mishloah Manot’ gift package for a poor family and a photo contest on the day of the holiday itself.

The results of the quiz fundraiser will be announced later today with over a thousand gift packages raised already. In the first quiz day alone, 532 questions were answered netting 52 gifts.

The recipients of the gift packages are families curated by LifeChanger FSU, a project supporting Jewish children in crisis in Ukraine. The food packages are provided by Taste of Life, a program providing targeted material help and community involvement to disadvantaged families in the region.

Darkeinu, FJC’s Jewish studies curriculum program is running the contest, while activists from FJC’s EnerJew youth movement will deliver the fundraised gift packages to their destinations.

“Mega Purim is a unique philanthropic initiative in which our programs and partners are really working together for the greater good of the entire Jewish community in the FSU region,” said Mr. Daniel Gordon, FJC’s outreach coordinator. “We hope to see more activities likes this in the future, which will continue to bring our efforts together in uniting our people over shared heritage and destiny,” he said.

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