Moscow Children’s Home Opens New Educational Programs

The ‘Beit Chaya’ Jewish Children’s home and orphanage in Moscow, opened two special classrooms for its participants this September, in a local initiative to provide the children with a unique nurturing and educational environment suited to their needs.

The 4-year framework offers the learning program of an elementary school but at a more personal and individualized approach that will allow the students to join the community’s regular middle schools upon completion. Courses in language, mathematics, science, Hebrew and Jewish heritage based on FJC’s ‘Darkeinu’ educational curriculum, are taught. 

“The new framework fills the void that previously existed in local education available to our children. Hopefully, with its help our students will be able to successfully continue onto the opportunities awaiting them in the outside world,” said Rabbi Menachem Gol, Beit Chaya director. 

The children’s home in Moscow welcomes Jewish kids aged 3-18 from all over the region, providing them everything they need – from the basics such as nutritious food, a safe home and medical support to a complete developmental complex: extracurricular activities, sports and games, tutoring, friends and mentors, career building and advice.

Over almost twenty years of the home’s operation, it has helped close to a thousand graduates to successfully begin their adult lives. The new classrooms will serve to further promote this goal, Rabbi Gol added.


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