Pavlohrad: New Rabbi Appointed to Lead Community

The industrial East Ukrainian city of Pavlohrad has recently welcomed a new Chief Rabbi to lead the local Jewish community into a new era of revival and expansion. The newly appointed rabbi Yehuda Kellerman will serve the community’s various religious, cultural, social, and humanitarian needs, aiming to return it to its previous glory before it was wiped out during the Holocaust and later on persecuted by the Communist regime.

The new Rabbi was presented to the Jewish community of Pavlohrad, a city in the Dnipro region with a rich Jewish past, by the region’s Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky: “The time has come for this wonderful community to have a Rabbi of its own,” Rabbi Kaminetsky said in his words of introduction. “The community of Pavlohrad has developed into a proud, active, and appealing community – and now, with the help of Rabbi Kellerman it will surely continue to thrive and develop.”

Rabbi Meir Stambler, head of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, noted: “From our experience, once a rabbi is appointed, the community rapidly expands – Jews who still conceal their identity will start appearing in the Synagogue and reconnecting to Judaism. From now on, every part of the community will have a sensitive and knowledgeable rabbi to lead it to success.”

After additional words of blessing from Mr. Igor Romanov, Chairman of the ‘United Jewish Community of Ukraine’, Rabbi Kellerman introduced himself to the community and answered questions directed to him by the participants. “I will do my best to always be available for your questions and needs, teach Torah and Judaism classes, and help this incredible community to grow and flourish further,” he promised.

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