President Putin sends greetings for New Year

In a letter addressed to the Chief Rabbi and the Jews of Russia, President Vladimir Putin sends his best wishes for the New Year’ “The values of Judaism… are based on eternal values of good and justice.”

The letter arrived on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, and was read out at the opening services at the Great Marina Rochetza Synagogue in Moscow. In the letter, President Putin writes:

“The traditions of the holiday include many good deeds, such as concern for others, assisting the poor, and supporting those in need. The values of Judaism, like the values of other traditional religions, are based on the eternal values of good and justice. For hundreds of years they have served the exalted purpose of unity, strengthening trust and mutual understanding.

I am positive that the Jewish community in Russia will continue in the future to contribute to the advancement of inter-faith dialogue between the different religions and cultures in Russia, in order to strengthen the traditional friendship between its peoples”


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