Purim in Sumy – Under The Sea!

Continuing their yearly tradition, the Jewish community in Sumy, Ukraine – headed by Rabbi Yechiel S. and Mrs. Rochi Levitansky, transformed their Synagogue building into an ‘Under the sea’ Purim celebration. In an uplifting atmosphere 150 community members from all ages, participated and fulfilled the four special commandments of Purim.

As the guests entered the building, they were immediately washed into the Purim excitement by walking through an incredible under ocean 3D scene. Everyone stopped to pose for pictures as the dazzling decorations felt so real. The incredible scenery were made by the FJC ‘Or Avner’ after-school program. Before going up the stairs to the festive meal, the dressed up children greeted everyone and helped them into a stranded boat.

Every under ocean participant donned the goggles they received, as they got comfortable in their seats’. The program began with the ‘Mishloach Manot’ treasure chests which they exchanged with each other. Each table had two fish aquarium charity boxes which were used for ‘Matonot L’evyonim’ charity giving.

The entertainer, dressed as a captain explained how Purim is connected to the theme of  ‘the hidden world’ and warned the crowd to be ready for many hidden surprises throughout the evening.

For starters they had to guess why the captains name was – Yachedrom – and after someone guessed correctly – Mordechai spelled backwards – they broke out in laughter when Rabbi  Levitansky entered to read the Megila dressed in full scuba diving gear!

The program included Interactive games, a bubble show that wowed even the adults, song and dance by the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ kindergarten, a comedy skit by the students of the daily Kolel Torah, songs and dances by the scuba diver children, all in all creating an unforgettable evening that the community claims ” the likes of, they have never seen before!”. And since Ukrainians love fish – the menu from Sushi to fish soup, whole fish stuffed with Gefilte filling to Caviar, salmon salad to mini smoked individual fish, fit their pallet perfectly, creating a true Purim feast.

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