Synagogue Transformed to Host a Broadway-Like Show

Pyramids in Rostov: A historic synagogue underwent a full transformation to host an off-Broadway interactive show for children which soon drew fans among adults in the community as well. 

The Jewish community of Rostov in Russia wanted to do something special ahead of Passover and in honor of the 120th birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM.

“We realized that the younger generation needed something more exciting to keep them engaged and interested in our history. We can’t take their future for granted…” said Rabbi Chaim Danzinger, Rostov’s Chief Rabbi. His wife, Mrs. Kaila Danzinger drew up plans to make their very own off-Broadway interactive exodus experience in the synagogue hall.

“We wrote the script and met with actors and organizers to see how we can make it truly memorable for the kids.” Said Kaila Danzinger.

The story of the exodus from Egypt came to life as the children were given costumes and “forced” to work as slaves as our ancestors did over 3,000 years ago. They then met Moshe who brought them to Pharaoh’s palace where they watched the 10 plagues unfold in front of their eyes, with accompanying sounds, lights, video mapping, and relevant props that were occasionally dropped from above them. After the last plague, each child was given a sack with matza, and they witnessed the miracle of the splitting of the sea, collecting jewels while being sprayed with water as they made their way towards Har Sinai. The interactive program ended with lively dancing with tambourines and music.

Plans were originally made for five groups of kids to experience the Exodus at different times according to age. But the adults complained. They wanted their turn as well. So another 2-time slots were added for adults, bringing it to a total of 250 kids and adults who got to experience the interactive Exodus show.

This year, all the lucky participants certainly fulfilled the obligation: “In each and every generation a person is obliged to regard himself as if he himself had come out of Egypt.”


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