‘Uber Sukkah’ Reaches Jews Across Kiev

An “Uber Sukkah” service brought a mobile sukkah to hundreds of Jews across Ukraine capital city of Kiev. Shluchim organized parties in the sukkah ad baskets of food were brought to families in need and the elderly.


Jews in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev celebrated the holiday of Sukkos with a variety of activities organized by the Jewish community and local Chabad rabbis.

Young rabbis drove around the city with a mobile sukkah on a bike advertising the “Uber Sukkah” option for people to schedule a visit and do a mitzvah. Over Chol Haomed, hundreds of Jews were reached.

A party in the sukkah was organized for Hebrew speakers by Rabbi Elchanan and Heni Kuperman, while Chabad Shliach Rabbi Ariel Markovitch took a group of young adults for Shabbos to the Ohel (resting place) of the Alter Rebbe in Haditch.

Kiev’s Chief Rabbi Yonathan Markovitch distributed baskets of food to children from needy families and to the community elders. They were very excited to see the continuation of the Jewish chain and blessed the Shluchim that it should keep on growing.

In addition, every day, the mitzvah of the Lulav was performed in various places around the city and many people were given the opportunity to have a meal in the Sukkah.

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