Ukraine: Avraham Fried In Historic Tour

By COLlive

Jewish music star Avraham Fried will embark on a first-ever concert tour to unite thousands of Jews in Ukraine.

For the first time ever, the giant of Jewish music, Avraham Fried will be performing 3 concerts in Ukraine, uniting thousands of Jews all over the country in Kharkov, Dnieper and Odessa.

In addition to local Jews being a part of this unique concert – Jews from all the surrounding cities will be also travelling hours to be a part of this unique unity event.

 Avraham Fried will be performing with his band from Israel conducted by Yuval Stofel.

Songs in Russian and Yiddish, hasidic ‘Niggunim’ and popular Jewish hits will light up the hearts of all – and bring joy and happiness to a country that is in such need for encouragement and something to smile about.

Fried will be performing in Dnepropetrovsk on Thursday, April 7, hosted by the Jewish community led by Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky. On Sunday, April 10 he will be singing in Odessa for the the Jewish community led by Rabbi Avraham Wolff. On Tuesday, April 12, Fried will conclude his tour in the city of Kharkov, where the Jewish community led by Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz have been known to organize large holiday events.

The concerts are being sponsored by Keren Meromim, the local Jewish communities and Keren Leviyev in honor of the Year of “Hakhel” and to build up Jewish pride throughout Ukraine.


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